From the very beginning, SMF was a band meant for playing live. At the time we had no intention of recording anything. Concerts were and still are today, a very important part of our band. Performing live gives our music a new dimension and the complete feeling is influenced by the close and relaxed contact with the audience. We do not insist on the perfect sound or playing accuracy; we sound naturally and the energy is most vital to us. Our stage is usually full of stage-divers or "unplanned" back vocals (cheers to Coyote, Dex and especially Vanja, our dear friend, who past away too soon).


Sale is the favorite band member with our fans. When he's in the mood, he has this habit to tell a joke and even curse. There is a chance that the front row receives a bottle of beer from him or get beer without a bottle, thus gets showered with beer.

There was this one time when we played in Nis. During the show, somebody jumped out from the audience and pulled his bermudas down, fortunately not his underwear. Sale got pissed off, cursed and left the stage. We thought of stopping the show, when, out of nowhere, some guy jumped out and said he knew the words to our songs. What should we do? Oh well, we gave him a run at it. Turned out the dude knew all the words perfectly with no mistake. So, we ended our gig with a "new" singer.

Once when we played KST, Sale told the audience: "Listen, I'm gonna go take a leak now. Be right back." We thought he was kidding, but he really left! We just decided to play something, a hardcore instrumental, when our drummer Boris got up and left the stage to fight some guy from the audience. Luckily, Sale returned (relieved), Boris returned alive from the fight, so we continued to play, even harder. Who knows, maybe someone thought this was all part of the act.

Up until now, we have played in many cities in Serbia and nearby countries. We shall definitely come again to the cities that accepted us the best: Zagreb, Novi Sad, Nis, Mladenovac, Paracin, Smederevo, Temerin, Novi Knezevac, Krusevac, Banja Luka, Sibenik, Tuzla, Sarajevo, Split, Skopje, Podgorica, Lukavac, Cacak, Subotica, Doboj, Obrenovac, Bor, Ormoz, Sombor, Becej, etc.

At times we had some technical problems as well: strings broke on the guitar, amps died on us, the drums heads ripped open, speakers fell, but the atmosphere never let up and was always spectacular. Most importantly, the audience was never disappointed; the fans always had a great time and never left unsatisfied. 

It is important to mention that even the audience that is not totally into hardcore, punk or metal, still has a great time at our gigs. We call all of our fans and those who haven't done so to come, see and hear SMF live. We bet they will not be disappointed. In any event, we always give our best. 

Are you interested in booking us? We are willing to play anywhere in the World, just bring us some beer and you'll get SMF on board. A big festival or a small club, one concert or a tour - it's all the same to us. Just get in touch with Francuz (our bass player) by telephone or email and we will work something out.


Tel (from Serbia): 063 1103002

Tel (from abroad): 381 63 1103002




Skopje, Macedonia

Zagreb, Croatia

Belgrade, Serbia

Novi Sad, Serbia

Skopje, Macedonia

Sibenik, Croatia

Beograd, Serbia

Krusevac, Serbia

Banja Luka, Republika Srpska, BIH



Ormoz, Slovenia

Podgorica, Montenegro

Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Split, Croatia

Sarajevo, Bosnia i Herzegovina

Subotica, Serbia

Obrenovac, Serbia

Novi Sad, Serbia



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